Health Resources

The George Mateljan Foundation
A free website that provides a wealth of information about the world’s healthiest foods

The Weston Price Foundation
The foundation created based on teachings of Weston Price, educating people about the benefits of eating traditional foods and the dangers of mass produced processed food

The Four Hour Body
Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Work Week shows you on his blog how to lose 20 pounds in one month using the principles that he used.

Bella Online
A website for women that focuses on women’s health and wellness

The Official Blog of Joel Fuhrman, MD
Recent news and reflections on health and nutrition

Discusses Healthy diet and foodplans

Several different articles with healthy weight loss

Seth Roberts
A Psychology professor blogs about self-experimentation on health and fitness

Nutrition Data
Invaluable resource giving you access to all the nutritional information about most foods

The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating
NY Times Blog entry that includes the most inexpensive, easiest to find healthiest foods

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis?
Article by Bianca Hitt about losing weight with hypnotherapy

Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?
Article about using hypnosis to lose weight

Hypnosis Can Shed Weight Without Pill Popping
Another news story about how hypnosis can help with weightloss

What is hypnosis?
Wikipedia entry on hypnosis

Hypnosis Does Work for Weight Loss
Study published in the International Journal of Obesity proving that hypnotherapy works for weightloss.

Does Hypnosis Really Work For Weight Loss?
Another article about the benefits of weightloss hypnotherapy and the Think & Shrink Hypnosis Programâ„¢

Mayo Clinic
Weight loss hypnosis, does it really work?

10 Ways Hypnosis Can Help you Lose Weight

Dr. Oz
Discusses Weight Loss Hypnosis