How it Works

The Think and Shrink Program has 3 separate sessions. One 43 minutes hypnosis session, one mini program and one guided visualization.

You will download the sessions and be able to start immediately. All you have to do is sit back, put your headphones on, close your eyes and relax. The session will help you to become very relaxed. When your mind relaxes, your brain enters into alpha frequency. When your brain waves are slowed down into this state, you are awake, but relaxed and you become highly suggestible.  The session suggests that you are choosing to eat healthy food and feel safe and comfortable around food. It suggests that you are eating healthy amounts of food, not too much and not to little, just enough to get you to your natural, healthy body weight and for you to feel healthy, strong, happy and serene. As you listen to this, your mind will begin to lead you toward health and well-being. You will begin to eat healthfully without thinking too much about it. Your whole way of being around food will be totally relaxed as you will just find yourself automatically gravitating toward healthy choices, eating light, and healthy exercise.  I created it so it would be easy for everyone to do and inexpensive so that anyone could afford to do hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q.)           What does it feel like to get hypnotized?

A.)         Many people report a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Hypnosis brings you into alpha brainwave state, which is a natural state of mind where your mind and body feel deeply relaxed, all your stress flows out of you and your body just relaxes.


Q.)          How does weight loss hypnosis work?

A.)          Hypnosis works by changing the way you think. The beliefs held by your unconscious mind are the driving force behind your actions, so the point of hypnosis is to change those beliefs. This is done by first helping you become deeply relaxed. At this point, your conscious mind takes a back seat while your unconscious mind is open and receptive to suggestions.  The changes take place as you begin to visualize them. Your unconscious mind then changes your thoughts and beliefs by releasing those that no longer serve you and creating new, healthier beliefs. Once your unconscious mind begins to have healthier beliefs, your behaviors completely transform. You begin to eat healthier, exercise more and your appetite is greatly decreased.   For example, if you deeply believe that you can’t live without chocolate or other fattening foods, or that you’ll never be able to lose weight, you will be set up to fail at your diet. With hypnosis, your unconscious mind is reprogrammed to believe that weight loss is easy, that you are drawn to healthy foods and will no longer desire junk food or fattening foods. It also helps to change your belief to thinking that you have a smaller appetite so that you are satisfied with much less food.  You will then be set up to succeed rather than to fail and you will begin to eat much less, much healthier food. Your belief system will operate from a core of success rather than a core of failure. When you believe that you will be successful, you cannot fail.


Q.) How will my set point be lowered and my metabolism be increased by the visualization?

A.) In a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, individuals successfully used imagery to increase their metabolism up to 600 calories per day by using visualizations. Remember, your brain is the part of you body that regulates all of your bodily functions including your heartbeat, your breathing, your digestion and everything else! By using visualizations, your brain can reprogram your body to become a fat burning machine.



Q.) Will I remember anything from the hypnosis sessions?

A.)  Yes, you will most likely remember your sessions.



Q.) How long does it take to work?

A.)  Many people report a change after their very first session.



Q.)How often do I have to listen to the hypnosis recordings?

A.)  There are three recordings, one 43-minute session, one 12-minute session and one 8-minute visualization. The longer one can be listened to once per week. Because we realize that not everyone has that long to spare each day, we’ve created a 12-minute session that can be listened to every day, which will reinforce the change. As a bonus, we’ve added a visualization that can be done first thing in the morning to supercharge your metabolism to help you burn fat all day long.


Q.) Is there any proof that hypnosis works for weight loss?

A.)  Yes, hypnosis works very well for weight loss. There have been many clinical studies proving the efficacy for hypnosis for weight loss.


  1. According to the March 1998 International Journal of Obesity, a hypnosis trial conducted at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, England, proved a statistically significant result in favor of hypnotherapy for weight loss.
  2. According to the April 1995 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology A meta-analysis was performed on 18 studies in which a cognitive-behavioral therapy was compared with the same therapy supplemented by hypnosis. The results indicated that the addition of hypnosis substantially enhanced treatment outcome, so that the average client receiving cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapy showed greater improvement than at least 70% of clients receiving non-hypnotic treatment.
  3. According to an article by James Stewart in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, there was a trial with 156 participants; half of them receiving 9 weekly individual hypnosis sessions were compared with results from those who did not receive hypnosis. On average, the hypnosis group had lost 15.5pounds more than the control group at the 2-year follow-up.


Q.) Will I gain the weight back?

A.) No, this isn’t a diet, this is you completely changing your thinking about food, and so your old habits will not come back. You will just naturally gravitate toward good healthy habits.