I have been helping people change their habits with hypnotherapy for decades. People leave my office so peaceful, joyous and reinvigorated. Someone once told me that I should bottle it! Well this is how I’ve decided to do it, by creating this program for health, wellness, and peace around food.

I’ve created a full hypnosis for weight loss program for healthy weight loss here.


There are three separate hypnosis downloads.

  • One 43 minute full hypnotherapy session
    • This is a long session for when you have the time to really sit down, relax and get peaceful. This is great for at night while you’re falling asleep. Many have told me that this recording cures their insomnia- it’s worth it for that alone! This helps to change your brain. When you wake up in the morning, you will notice that you are gravitating toward healthy food choices and lighter portions. You will find yourself looking forward to exercise and just generally making better healthy choices.
  • One 12-minute mini hypnotherapy session.
    • Because this is only 12 minutes, it is short enough to listen to daily (even on a break at work!) and it serves to constantly reinforce the change
  • One short 5 minute visualization
    • This is a quick 5 minute session and it’s actually designed as hypnosis to speed up your metabolism. This helps your brain completely rewire your body to speed your metabolism, burn fat and lower your set point.